Urban development

We are a specialist consultant agency, with a focus on improving standard living and bringing people into the new century, with better and smarter home solutions.

Have you ever wanted to have a home that reacts and caters to your every need without it is going to costing you a bundle? 
Explore your opportunities and let us help you find the perfect solution for you.


Brace rd.
The owner walked away, and the house left in a poor condition.
With a crew of 10 people and 3 month of hard work, we were able to bring it into a livable condition. 

Sampley way
This is one of the homes we worked on and again the condition of the house, was not livable, but after 3 month of hard work, a young couple walked by and fell in love with it. See more


Almenar circle: This house was in the worst condition. When we walked in, it was stripped of any electric wiring, AC unit, broken windows,  and rats were running around our feet screaming for food.
After 4 months a new kitchen/bathroom, windows, rewiring, flooring and a few buckets paint, it was sold to a very happy couple as their first home.See more


    What is next?

At this moment, we have a bigger size construction site in Europe, expecting to be done by the end of 2016. Pictures will be added as we approach the deadline. If you want to know more, please contact us: contact@velocitytotalsolution.com


 Giving back

We help out whenever it is needed. Our latest project is local and in our neighborhood, to assist helping those who are less fortunate. During the last storm many were hit. We help out with cleaning, pulling carpet, sheet rock,- fixing cracks, paint and at last if not least, put down some new flooring.

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